CanopyLAB is the world's first smart eLearning software that, based on machine learning, gamification, and AI, enables completely personalized and adaptive learning experiences online.

For learners and NGO partners

We share with many leading online learning sites a passion for free, high-quality education. At the same time, we fundamentally differentiate ourselves by offering courses within the humanities and social sciences instead of the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Despite the urgent need to education our young people in issues such as intercultural communication, migration, environmentalism, physical and mental health etc., such topics are widely overlooked and underrepresented in online learning. We believe the main reason for this is because learning about topics such as human rights and sexuality require people to interact and share opinions and experiences rather than simply looking for a single fact.

Having a built-in social media space makes our e-Learning software uniquely well-positioned to address these topics. As such, we have chosen to partner with leading NGOs and private institutions to offer free courses on seven main themes.

Sexuality and Sexual Health

Learn about sexual health, a state of physical, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality.

Human Rights

Learn about the moral principles and norms that describe certain standards of human behavior.


Explore how to develop the sustainable models necessary for both the human race and planet Earth to survive.

Education and Travel

Explore everything from the educational system and lifelong learning to learning through personal experiences, such as traveling.


Learn about human migration, the movement by people from one place to another with the intentions of settling in a new location.

The Arts

Discover the theory and physical expression of creativity found in human societies and cultures, including literature, poetry, and drama.

Mental Health, Self-Confidence and Anti-Bullying

Discover these interdisciplinary topics, covering our emotional, psychological, and social well-being, affecting how we think, feel, and act.

Courses for Students

On our open learning platform, The LAB, students can take high-quality online courses within humanities and social sciences, offered by leading NGOs, and private institutions. The adaptive curriculums make it possible to customize the learning experience to your specific needs and interests, while the exercises give you the opportunity to learn in different ways, making learning a social, engaging, and fun experience.

Corporate Learning

Our corporate learning software allows your employees to easily map their current skills and competencies and understand how they can develop. The adaptive curriculums make it possible to customize the learning materials and exercises to the individual employee, allowing them to acquire the right competencies to succeed in their job and career.



"I thought I knew many things about human rights, but this course showed me there are always things going on from which you can learn. An amazing experience with people all over the word, different ideas, having fun and learning all the time!"

Flor Fernandez, Argentina

"During 5 wonderful weeks and friendship with CanopyLAB staff and participants, I met some amazing people who share my point of view. Although I’m not big fan of socializing through the Internet (social networks, Skype, Hangouts and similar), during my time with the other course participants I’ve absolutely changed my mind."

Gordana Nesovic, Serbia

"This is an amazing platform to meet with great, intellectually curious, passionate people from all around the world and discuss interesting topics from different perspectives with amazing facilitators. I really loved by "Gender and Identity" course. Thanks CanopyLAB!"

Sila Karabiber, Turkey

"This course is the best class I have ever taken in my entire life....I also think the course was enhanced even more by the fact that my peers were from across the globe. I got to learn so much about different places in the world, and due to the fact that the class was so international. I got to hear a wealth of different opinions, I also made a ton of friends from across the world. Before this, I never would have had a reason to really interact with people from Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Venezuela, Peru, and the 18 or so other countries."

Cristina Acevedo, Brazil

Unlock the potential of every learner by enabling adaptive and personalized learning experiences online.


"In my work with startups - and previously in my corporate and public work life - I have seldom come across such a bright, hardworking and empathetic team. A team which uniquely can combine tutorial skills, technology and design at the same time. CanopyLAB wants to revolutionize education - for businesses and for the poor. This is a dream team to the better of the world. Go educate yourself!"

Christian M. M. Olufsen

"I invested in CanopyLAB because of the strength of the founding team. With a founder with a PhD in learning and a technical founder, I think my money was well invested. I’m convinced that I’ll get a good return of investment, while also being part of a company that creates large-scale impact. Bringing about positive change is deeply rooted in the CanopyLAB DNA, which was a significant part of my decision to invest in the company."

Jens-Peter Poulsen