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The world’s leading social elearning platform for developing peoples’ competencies through individualized and adaptive learning experiences. Designed with an integrated social network structure to enhance collaborative learning.

Turn your corporate strategies into learning experiences

When you want to achieve your business goals you need the right people in right positions and teams. That is not always possible why you need to connect specific employees with specific skills and competencies.

Organizations, digitization and the way we work have changed dramatically the recent years alongside behavioral changes with born digital generations that expect corporations to be the same.

This is why we believe we need to change the way we learn and we designed a simple and social platform for learning.

Based on three simple principles

Building stronger
learning networks

Research shows that social interaction engages and motivates people in the learning process. It also increases retention and improves the learning outcome. We simply learn more, better and more efficiently when we are able to communicate, collaborate and interact with others.

Developing future-
proof skills

Set your learners up for success by developing skills for the future. Built on a strong Nordic approach to learning our platform makes it possible for learners to gain relevant knowledge and develop future-proof skills like creative thinking, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, communication and much more.

individual growth

Learners are individuals and learn at an individual pace. With our adaptive learning platform, it is possible for learners to engage with the content at their individual pace, level, interests and learning preferences.

& Onboarding

Ongoing employee




University Courses
and Degrees

Case Study: eSFI

A collaboration between CanopyLAB, Samsung, Telia, and the SFINX Swedish for Immigrants (SFI)
school in Jarfälla municipality to provide online Swedish language learning courses to immigrants.
The program is a pilot test designed to digitize the official accredited SFI program for the first time.


“CanopyLAB is your go-to place for a fun, social, and interactive learning experience online”

~Dorthea Haldrup, Program Director | Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship

“The platform is extremely user-friendly and very easy to navigate. There is really not that much to it.”

~Kristian Jensen, teacher | University College Copenhagen

“With the platform, we aim to enable our volunteers to make the most of the experience at SLUSH and give this information at a pace best suited for each individual...Collaboration with the staff has been incredibly smooth and easy. The most engaging part is co-creating both the goals and the content: building a shared understanding of how to reach the desired goals. Would recommend!”

~Antti Poikolainen, Head of Recruitment | Slush

“It is great to have CanopyLAB staff readily available for support throughout the entire process.”

~Bodil Renlund, Teacher at eSFI & SFINX language center | Järfälla Kommun

“CanopyLAB demonstrated through a collaborative project for the UNDP, how digital learning can be both distributed and adaptable through new technology, and for us, new technology is an enabler for reaching more people, with more relevant content.”

~Brian Frandsen, Senior Service Designer | Danish Design Centre

“ interactive platform that allowed you to listen, read, write and communicate (...). It contains smart and relevant features and offers a great way to communicate with fellow students.”

~Student at SFINX language center | Järfälla Kommun

“A digital platform is very important to learn the Swedish language. The platform is easy to use and it helps you develop language skills”

~Student at eSFI & SFINX language center | Järfälla Kommun

“The platform gives you great possibilities and really helps you reach your goals”

~Student at eSFI & SFINX language center | Järfälla Kommun

“Collaborating with CanopyLAB is a chance to observe, engage and take part in trying out new concepts, new technologies and new approaches to online learning.”

~Brian Frandsen, Senior Service Designer | Danish Design Centre

“We use CanopyLAB’s learning software because it’s the most groundbreaking on the market”

~Dorthea Haldrup, Program Director | Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship

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